Judus ,Barabas and Lucricia

Just wondering if this club goes down the pooper just how are those three going to square it ,I can't think of another senourio like this ,They sell one of the best loved grounds in the premiership and turn it into a car park and rent a hideous athletics stadium ,their incompident management of West ham is obvious.
Please don't interpret this post as any sort of insightment but with the amount of bad feeling out there and the enormity of whats happening i know one thing i wouldn't be hanging around

If they jacked it in tomorow.the damage has been done & id rather wait years & years before a proper westham rises from the ashes.if that means the club has to entirely start again in the lower leagues or worse!!at least we may get our identity back,dramatic?maybe but the future looks pretty bleak at the moment...

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If we start again,will they bring back the bag of monkey nuts dave,i'll have some of that mate ;)

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Also all standing terracing & blokes peeing at the back!!

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I'll always stay a hammer mate,life would just be to miserable without em ;) only instead of getting walloped by Ci££y,we'd be getting walloped by Coventry,nothing changes, lol

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Think you s are getting me wrong when i said i wouldn't be hanging around i meat the three buckos ,might not be safe for them

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Burkie 1

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as i said on the other post of this, wimbledon have risen from the ashes. refusing to let their club die and morph into MK Dons they started up from nowhere. i think they are now up in League 1. they have plans to move back to their beloved Plough Lane (being rebuilt to hold 9,000). must be great being a fan of theirs. the club really belongs to them. whereas look at us…up in the 'money league' but a pair of miserly seniles in charge who have sold our home and sent us into rented accommodation to line their pockets. when they decide they have made enough and pretend to be handing over a steadied ship, where will that leave us? in the champs with a bloated payroll, overhyped players (ala Villa) only without even a proper home ground.

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