The last straw

RIP West Ham United. It was a slow and long funeral that started at the Boleyn. But finally we can lay our old, traditional and great club to rest. The brand has changed, the name will change soon and the ethos and mentality of the club as long gone. All that’s left is a Rich man’s MK Dons. Screaming and crying children, the old and disabled fearing for their safety and a group of fans totally at their wits end as what has happened. Some of the actions today were appalling, some of the sentiment though was justified. There will always be those that jump on the hooligan bandwagon, but when controlled the message needs to come across. We can’t realistically shout sack the board because they can’t sack themselves. They can’t leave till someone buys them. So all we can do, is leave. If it pains people and it has me to do this, because of loyalty and love for the club, then think of it like this. This isn’t our club anymore. The last puppet that they could use was our great Sir Trev. That didn’t even save them. Sullivan to Brady, “Let’s get Trevor in the stands with us that will temper the disenchanted”. No sorry not enough fellas. Everyone stay away from the ground! Show them who the club really is. For years now the game has been taken from the fans, recklessly. Show them that without us it doesn’t work. I won’t be going back this season I’ve had enough of the ground, branding bollox, team, manager, owners, prices, journey, shit security, do I need to go on? In all my 35 plus years supporting, including Macari, Roeder, Grant, Terry Brown, Eggy, countless relegations, Stockport away in the cup, to name but a few. This is the lowest time I’ve ever felt about my club and I’m glad my old grandad (RIP Pops) who gave me West Ham is not alive to see it!

I agree with you Betty, I already said we are mkdons of the prem. I had my lowest moment last week when the icf threatened marchers. I'm now writing with a more detached view on things. I have pretty much had enough, I don't think this board are capable of bringing the real West Ham back. So only a change at the top can make a differance for me. I think it might have been less cruel to us if gold, Sullivan and Brady had let us go out of business. At least it saves us from a death of a thousand cuts.

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This is a terrible situation to be in.I agree with all your comments.There is no end to this,forget about the idiots invading the pitch,its the protests after against the board,West Ham fans are not like any other,they wont give up.I will say that there will be a March now,and there will continue to be ugly scenes many of them,i cant see a way round this till Sugo and Co actually go.In my opinion the way forward is,if they,or someone buys the club and ground out right and re developed it.This would be the gesture we would all like to see,and it would stop the threat of Marches,protests,ugly scenes.If we were winning and in the top six,and striving forward,we wouldn't be in this state,but this has back fired on them big time.

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I have been banging the drum telling people the only way owners etc will take notice is when the coffers are not getting filled...don't go to the club shop don't by tickets to the game empty stadium and revenue hit hurts more than mindless morons running on pitch.....but like many here and on other sites we are mourning the loss of our club we are West Ham no more....yesterdays result barely registered with me the indifference i have come to feel for the team players and club as a whole is becoming more commonplace amongst fellow hammers fans i meet.....we are going to be the next coventry and few seem to argue.....our so called saviours ripped the heart & history from our club all us older fans have now is memories of the Boleyn....R.I.P. indeed Betty

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I really admire your sentiment, and the legacy of your pops. For myself, I'm just crazy enough to hope that something can rise from the ashes (no pun intended), but there is a LOT of truth in what you say. It's pretty hard to imagine how this thing could be fixed.

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The lasting image will be of Sir Trev,sitting alone in the sunken ship,the instigators of this total mess having it on their toes like the spineless threesome that they are...Trev is one of us & probably predicted it too.
R.I.P Westham United...Now unfortunately Westham departed!!

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Well said Betty my sentiments exactly, and a great post 65 ,summed it up beautifully with Trev ,that picture of him was so iconic ,told a thousand story's, i think its best if we just walk away ,its going to get pretty nasty

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Burkie 1

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Indeed a very sorry sight seeing sir trev sitting there,was that Roberta,moores daughter he was talking to across the seats i'm sure it was,very sad.

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It's all so very sad and confusing for me. It's just not right. The destruction of an iconic club. By 3 ruthless and selfish "people"

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The only one who remotely looked like a westham fan was the older fella with the corner flag & his Bond style protest...the other 3 (massive pitch invasion!!) especially jesus didnt look like hammers fans to me & he paid for it with a few slaps from other was like a scene from the keystone cops!!;)

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Agree there Betty,it’s been lies,lies and damned lies all the way,no outside investment,crap signings,brady mouthing off in the sun ,mouthy kids ,it’s just to much to take in ,i just feel totally fed up

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