Leander Dendoncker

Four days to go before the window shuts we have been sniffing around this player and allegedly will offer £17million for the him but Anderlecht insist on at least £26million and now it appears they have contacted everton who like the player with a view to them buying and loaning him back for the rest of the season...oh how bfs would love that and ohh how our amateurish will that make us look again....you dither and you will get gazumped.

You snooze, you lose. Sullivan lives by this rule.

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I cant even say his name, or make up a song that doesn't include the word conker....as in tree not William

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just say it this way = Dems-is- big- conkers.

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Last day for this board of gypsy thieves and lady muck to spend the cash or maybe it's just dithering moyes again probably with his good points needs to have his arse kicked into action,

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Ray f

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