Martinez to Real??

Im staggered by this news. Im also astonished that he is currently being paid 800,000 pounds a year by Belgium. Now maybe he's a likeable guy but come on. what has he done to warrant being the next manager of arguably the biggest club in the world? Belgium? well he and his waffler assistant Henry surely couldn't have done any less with that squad of players? id go as far as to say he fell short by going out in the semis. hazard, de bruyne, lukaku et al. Real would honestly pick Martinez over Pochettino? come on people.

arsene wenger was in the running he be my choice over Martinez

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More like unreal dicksy,zippy will be sacked in no time.

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Only reason you take the job is because it sets you up for life because they always sack managers good or bad....Benitez never giving the chance or backing by the president of the club....he lasted 25 games and only lost being to Barcelona so the writing was on the there fans are berating Bale once again poor performances blah blah blah...he is a decent bloke and sticks with the club not stirring the pot or complaining about the fans abuse but if I was him I would move on and watch them slip further down,,,never have liked either Madrid or Barcelona and the if we want you we get you pissed of Alex Ferguson and it pisses me off to....spleen vented!

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