Maxi Gomez bid accepted and Joan Jordan

£29million for Gomez Valencia bid the same and also accepted...£13million for Jordan....Wow looks like we are really going for it again this summer.

Man u declare interest in diop bound to unsettle him, and me

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Who is he defender United intend to dump on us? Smalling?

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£60 million and Shaw would be the only manure defender worth having otherwise if Diop is to go then i feel it would be for around £60 million regardless of manures valuation and then the lad from stuttgart for £13 million and Maripan i thinks the name is of the other central defender we have been chasing for a wee while now...smalling/jones/rojas etc forget it they are rubbish.

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Doesn't have to be a defender. I think they're looking to include either Lukaku or Pogba in the deal!

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