Mexican earthquake

Just wondering would a minute silence be appropriate tomorrow

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whilst i totally sympathise with all the tragedies around the world, i struggle to understand what a minute's silence does for anyone. it just comes across as more for people to 'show' others that they care rather than actually doing something to help. I'm not saying people shouldn't do it if they want, i just find it somewhat a modern phenomenon that we pick and choose worldwide tragic events that we 'should' respect and then others that we don't bother with. with modern day news, we are all aware of the events and the terrible impact it has had but why do we need to publicly show some sort of care? will the victims be watching? will it do anything for them or their family? just my thoughts anyway. where do you draw the line? is the mexican tragedy more tragic than the hurricane tragedy? is the bombing in manchester more tragic than the daily bombing in Iraq?

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Chicarito will be very emotional either way, perhaps a minute's silence would motivate him more than any other player on the pitch, although some might say that it would be pernicious to have that in mind.

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Just thought it would be nice to show some empathy with one of our players

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Burkie 1

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I think some Mexican flags in the crowd would be enough, perhaps some signage around the ground. I agree with Dicks, the number of tragedies everywhere, how do you deem one more worthy than the other?

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As a fan I look for things like this in hope we upset the applecart, don't be surprised if Hernandez has a stormer.

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