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looking at how city are putting 5 or 6 past each opponent, to me theres a greater gulf between the top now than ever. im afraid that unless you have a billionaire behind you, you're going to be left behind. for me the rest have to now up their games. if you cant compete with man city's four squads of stars, you have to compete in other areas - energy, tactics and strength. if you dont get your players to play above themselves each game, if they dont out work or outrun the likes of city, manure, arsenal, chelsea then its going to be a tonking. I dont include spurs coz for me if you take kane out, theres not much else. I think ali is being overhyped. its becoming a bore, watching palace v city or saints v man ure, neither side had a chance and offered no tactical masterplan. in short the prem league has become a playground for the big sides and their fans. leicester did it, but it was a miracle and hasnt lasted. even in the cups these sides have 20 mill pound players who are nowhere near the first squad. like it or not, this league is all about money. you dont just need players and managers who can compete, you need owners who can. this season the league looks even more of a bore to me. watford are well managed, vicarage road should be tough to go to so to see them stuffed 6-0 by city and it could have been 9, makes it worrying in terms of competitiveness. we're heading to a spanish la liga with a few elite sides that romp victories each week.

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when i was growing up it was all Liverpool then manure came to the fore..the bigger clubs always had the advantage..but with tv money and super rich owners it has just emphasised it even more...madrid/barca/milan/juve/psg/munich...always have been at the top and always will be...every now and then you get a leicester but truth is football and the teams that win most do not change that much

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