new manager and 3 assistant managers

Although I wasn't all that keen on the appointment of David Moyes I am really pleased with the 3 assistant he has got, and if anyone can get our defence sorted out its Pearce and he should be good with the youth. You have 4 good footballing men there and I don't think we will be Tactically Inept anymore. I was not looking forward to the Watford game but what with all their injury problems, I think we could nick 3 points off them It can do no harm to WHU confidence

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I tend to agree. Bilic back room staff looked dull and useless. Im not entirely sure what any of them were actually doing. Pearce is a manager himself and knows the english game extensively so being part of the back room voices should really help. Moyes is a dull sort, but i do feel tactically he is a worker unlike bilic, on the friday before a game i think we can be sure that all the tactical side at least will have been well worked on. how well we will play and attack is a question to be answered soon enough i guess.

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But they are going to need time. Maybe Watford, though; just maybe ...

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Panic attach, without vision, we need a manager with
Achievements, what are we going to get top 10 at best
Really thought we were serious about challenging top flight, investment
Is the key to success. Not impressed but let’s see I could be so wrong, let’s hope I am

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Irons forever

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Love the look on Andy Carroll's face.

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He's thinking, "much more of this and I'm gonna have to do something to get a break at the hospital"

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I dont want to put a dampener on things,but could it be a case of too many chiefs & not enough indians!!
Im starting to feel that the appointment of moyes & his team is getting a little bit bigged up too much before a ball has even been kicked & then that breeds expectation (especially at a club like ours)...action speaks louder than words!!

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I got to say im slightly optimistic

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Burkie 1

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I must admit this puts a smile on my face, good to see a manager and his assistants deeply involved in training, A decent looking tempo in that drill.

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That looks like proper training,shock to the system for that lot i reckon!!;)

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Shock to mine aswell dave lol

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