as much as i like the man, i think he needs taking out the team and replacing with someone with some energy who can get back and forwards more. being captain though means Bilic won't have the stomach for the change most likely. I'm not saying get rid of the man, not at all. just he's gone a bit stale in there and he has this repetitive habit of making silly tackles in dangerous areas, in every game he does it at least once. looking at what we have at the moment, options are limited with kouyate out and obiang looking just as bad but if we sign carvalho then imo noble needs to be benched. i do wonder however if the formation doesnt suit him. originally noble was a good attacking midfielder, scoring goals etc then he got pushed back into a DM. if bilic, big if and highly doubtful if, but if he changed the formation to a midfield 4, traditional style then i could see Noble being more effective with carvalho sitting as the DM (do we really need 2 x DM's?) and noble being more involved in a passing, getting forward role like he originally played. personally id play a midfield 4 of carvalho/noble, lanzini wide left, antonio wide right (old style wingers who get into the box too) and arnautovic and hernandez up front. carroll as an option alongside hernandez if ever available, sakho to replace hernandez when needed. thoughts?

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you sadly see how limited our options are...kouyate obiang noble lanzini....only one playmaker there so will the kid he got in from belgium be given a start? i doubt it...Rice is clearly needed at the back because Fonte is just rubbish and ogbonna so out of form its frightening....Quina still very young but mainly used wide like fernandez so we now see just how light we are in the middle of the park and that is one reason noble keeps getting picked...and of course the total lack of trying to find another playmaker...carvalho is a DM and better than we have but again not a playmaker a stopper a tackler a wall in front of the back 3/4/5 or whatever slavs doing back there!...if we can see all this then why can the manager not see it?

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that they thought he would would be good enough for another year, ok as a sub but not to start!!!!!

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It feels really disloyal to knock the guy but the truth is he is not up to it. The main issue is his tackling. Goes to ground too quickly this results often in either a two footed tackle or a late slide tackle and for both you are looking at a yellow or red card. That makes him a liability.

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