Are there ANY so called ‘professional’ officials worthy of that word in the Premier League? They are no better than they were in their amateur days. VAR is another issue. It should be blanket or not at all.

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Look at the spuds penalty the linesman way out of position so you cant blame ref for giving it when the real decision should of been offside.....but like you say there has to be a clear outlining of just what VAR will be looking for throughout matches so we the fan as much as the players understand what is going on.

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But for once i watched motd this week,in the saints v manure game on at least 2 occasions there was more of a call for a penalty against the mancs(compared to the ridiculous dive for citehs pen last week)waved away by the ref...does make you think there is a bias towards the top 6

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It's a bit like Brexit. how much time do they want and how many examples do they need to make a right or wrong decision.
There is that much video footage of good and bad, right and wrong decisions over the past few years that it makes it so obvious about the guidelines.
Touch an opponents foot with yours in the box according to the top teams against them is a penalty, but down the other end, a dive...surely it's about cheating the officials and more importantly the FANS.
I would prefer the clock stops and starts on the refs whistle and signal and seen on the electronic boards a la Rugby Union and League. NO MORE FERGIE TIME...perlease

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Looking at the 2 penaltys against us ,the scousers and shity you'd be forgiven for thinking someone in officialdom wants one or the other to win the prem

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Burkie 1

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