Offside Rule?

After watching the match v Cardiff it got me wondering on two points Hernandez (stupid) trying to con a penalty yet Silva for Man City won a pen v us for the exact same type of (non)challenge.
But my main point is this and the offside rule ... so how come a player in an offside position yet "not interfering with play" where the officials allow a goal to count yet a player not directly involved in play of a side defending can play a goalscorer "onside" (Fredericks a good 20 feet away from the action)?
As the rules stand Niasse' goal counts of course and I except that and many teams have suffered the same fate (though some have got away with it).

No one really knows the offside rule,especialy the refs!!also contact or no contact (mostly)leading to ridiculous decisions...give me the 70s back any day,you had to literally slice someone in half to get a free kick or pen but at least you knew where you stood!!;)

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two things annoy me most these days - Tim sherwood and his constant bum licking of man united and solskjaer (I swear I saw him rubbing himself when they showed solskjaer's interview) and the way pundits analyse off side decisions over and over. how many times have I heard them contradict themselves from one week to the week its 'oh his finger is offside', next week same git is saying 'yes, its his hand that's offside, but the rule says you cant score a goal with your hand, so it cant be offside.."

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As we know it depends on status of team , hopefully var will make it a bit fairer

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VAR will make an enormous difference, particularly for the so called 'lesser' teams who always seem to have decisions go against them at present.

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im not upset with rule, im upset that Fredricks was made to look a plum and stayed in a position that played the striker on side!

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