plaistow-man is home!

Well fellow orgers it is true and is The London Stadium ready for THE man from plaistow! I have (as you are aware) travelled around northern grounds in recent years but yes I am here for the Citeh match , this sadly due to finance and time available that apart from a stadium tour and The Stones (May 25th gig) is only my second home game at our new "home" I am buzzing and yes confident (well more in hope than expectation) a win for the Mighty Irons is just what the doctor ordered.... well after all The Blue mooners will have to lose to someone and why not us.

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Said the same thing plaistow but if the last 3 results against them is anything to go by it's not looking good mate

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Burkie 1

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I hope you have a fantastic day Plaistow... The LS will be rocking... just like the Stones!!!!

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Lol good one Dartford "The L.S will be rocking!!!"Mmm....

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I love coming home , West Ham born and bred, I really hope the boys do well and I hope even more that our brilliant fans get behind them.

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