Redknapp gone

Can't conceal the fact that I hope that this is the last time he's given a management role. The way the media have tried to make this bloke into a National treasure is ridiculous.
Normally he runs out when the money does but he's been beaten to the punch this time.
Goodbye and good bloody riddance " 'Arry boy", and regards to your dog/accountant.

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can concentrate on his boys marital problems he can get jamie a date with jordan!! yeah she can do a job on him!!

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You can bet Palace fans are relieved they didn't get 'Arry Boy!

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typical redknapp arrogantly claiming he would have got brum promoted. yeah right harry.

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Don't worry about Arry now he's jobless,rosie will look after him financially, car Windows will be rolled down to half mast as a mark of respect ;)

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