Safe and its still Feb

February and we are safe no getting relegated what on earths going on the worlds gone crazy what are we gonna do between now and the end of the season? El Pel has too go this is west ham we expect a dogfight and much fingernail chewing but we dont have that no burning the midnight oil calculating all the possibile outcomes from every match no screaming out loud when a rival pulls out a massive result when unexpected and piling the pressure we have been deprived of that drama all thanks to El Pel get him out now he's ruining this great clubs traditions.

Allerdicci in!give me boring defensive hoofball anyday!!

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Not worrying about relegation i am not sure what to think about it! is it encouraging because the team are getting better or in true west ham style will it fool us to part with our hard earned cash for the renewing of the season ticket only for the real west ham we all no to start hitting the buffers and start to spiral down the league once more i guess that's the fun part of being a hammers fan you just not sure what you are going to get

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