Season Tickets

Anyone got theirs yet or know when we can expect them ?. I`ve changed seats so last years one won`t work.

I was told they would be sending out new ones from August 1st,so would say anytime now.

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Yours should be sent out within the next week according to the club's 'season ticket hotline'. There shouldn't be too much of a problem as all season ticket renewals are renewals on the same card unless, as is in your case, you have switched seats. We switched last year and it wasn't a problem, let us know at the Org and we'll chase them up for you.

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Thx Nev.

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letter in the post to confirm. You use the same card as last season :o)

Just ordered my new shirt for the season... Portugal away kit!

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I was told that they are sending them out this weekend. When I asked why leave it so late they told me that it cuts down the risk of losing them wot a blinding excuse

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