Should we get our Players back of loan???

I watched a few players yesterday that are ready for another payday at the end of the season. Haller, Lanzinni Ballbuena if they don't want to play for the club drop 'em because they are not up for a relegation fight, Haller spent more time on his Arse trying to win fouls on the halfway line, never seen a player fall over so many times in a game certainly not one that cost 45 million, and Ballbuenna wants to learn how to pass they are just not good enough. There are players on loan, Holland Diaganna Cullen, Under 23's Johnson Scully better get used to playing them cos the way it's going we are going down. Were all doomed Doomed I say, don't tell 'em yer name Pike.

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can they be recalled though? it depends on the loan terms. I agree about Haller. very disappointing now. he basically wants the ball on a plate or hes not interested. that said, I heard he leads the stats for balls won in the air. what I do agree with is that he has to stop this falling down nonsense. the ball goes up to him, he falls down, no foul, play on, chance lost and here they come at us again. get a grip man and hold that ball up

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He needs a lesson off Carlton Cole

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Drop them immediately I say,I'd rather ajeti & hugill instead of them at least they would show some fight!!!

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