There was a great book and movie about statistics and baseball -- "Moneyball" -- which showed how a team on a budget could still make a go of it just by running statistics to the nth degree. Now there is a book about football -- The Football Leaks -- which shows what a dirty, corrupt game the top flight is. The movie should be called "Slimeball". One of the things coming out is how outrageous and imperious the agents are. Pogba's agent may have got as much as £41M from his transfer. It's an amount so obscene for what the agent does as to beggar belief. We've talked on this site many times about what is ruining/has ruined the game and this must surely be a big factor. Now every time a player won't sign for us I'll think it's because his agent wanted some ungodly amount in a brown envelope just to make the deal official. Opinions?

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i agree with you but as Pogba's agent I'm just too busy spending my 41 mill.

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if you can get it

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