Still a joke club?

after reading this article you have to wonder

The amount of e-mails & texts ive received in the last couple of weeks to buy a season ticket (i swear if you gave me one for free id hardly go anyway!!) is beyond a joke...Ive never been on the "£10" waiting list purely out of principle,but being a member you automatically get put on it anyway!!No wonder you see thousands & thousands of faces over there that have never been anywhere near the club,but does this board care,do they f*ck....unfortunately another reason why the fondness for the club that ive supported for half a century,diminishes with every month that passes....

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Yes I read this a few days ago, it's just herrendous thing to do to people. They don't even tell you what position you are on the list! Not only that I saw on the website they are still advertising 10 to go in the list. Looking back on it 10 quid just to go on a list! I'm afraid I am on that list on the request of my son, but never heard from them. these people running the club are just sharks! All that counts to them is large income little outlay. Does anyone believe we will spend over 30 mill for a player this season? (Unless it's a small down payment over a few years.)

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Then if it is true and those who are not or have never been get tickets ahead of you and others on it you could have a legal claim as they clearly stated you have to be on that list for the priviledge of £10 in order to be in line for those who will not renew there season ticket.but it is all a bit grubby for me everything they do seems to tarnish our clubs name.maybe someone should tweet to mr gold about this see what the old boy has to say about it,and nope I don't see us spending over £30million either its going to be another of those we tried but ffp meant we could not get the deal over the line!

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like he did when he said we wont move from U.P if the seats at the O.S are further away...those 3 in charge will never change & you can see what they are all about regarding the story above,but im afraid there are too many people who actually believe what they come out with for any change to happen in the near future

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