Sundays game

Another attempt by sky to get an Oscar for best tear jerker ,it'll be like west ham are only party poopers ,they will go all out on this one ,Areshole winger is going ,that virus Tierry Henry ,(dont you just love my staged French ascent) prompted by Kelly Cates will do a virtual "this is your life " and we will be in floods of tears by the third act ,Martin Tyler will drone on and on and on and on about Arseholes 22 year reign, the by now mandatory little plane will be circling above with a changed banner "goodbye Arsen thanks for the memories " instead of "Venger get the fuck out of our club you French fag!",or words to that effect ,at the end of the program there wont be a dry eye in sight and when Winger gives his!post match interview it will be something like this ,"yes it was a good 22 years i enjoyed every minute of it ,pitty west ham had to spoil the party by beating us 3-1 ,fukers "

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Hope the dream comes true.

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We need to get close to them put them under pressure and stick our foot in. They have Europe to worry about so if we question their need to fight tooth a nail we can get some points. If we stand off we could be in trouble.

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I would go for ten of the eleven that started on Monday, just Lanzini for Fernandez. I would leave Carroll an d Hernandez as impact players, but maybe a bit earlier today. Thoughts?

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lol, its a shame Burkie that we didnt give the Old Boy a good send off with a beating. In some ways Im sad he's going because at least while he's there Arsenal are no force, always there for the taking if you get at em. But in a lot of ways I'm glad the old whinging, whining 'we must play football the right way' bullshitter, is on his way. What i don't get is this constant butt licking with the likes of 'he changed football', 'he will never be replaced'..'the invincibles'…the man is a multi millionaire, off to enjoy his millions of trillions so lets just be honest and say he started off well but he's now utterly useless.

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Bang on the money DITM. Had to sit through an hour of Sol Campbell and Alan Curbishley licking his arse in the preview to the game. I was over it after 5mins.

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Yeah what is it with this fuker why are they all treating him like he's the patron saint of football ? Them eejits on sky sports would make you sick " he was a gentleman " me arse i think he was involved in more side line bust ups than than anyone else ,do you remember a few months ago when he was sent to the stand and he parked himself in the runnel and one of the officials put his arm on his shoulder to tell him nice and quietly that he shouldnt be there ,he took such an aggressive attitude ,was he ever charged over that ?arrogant pig

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