Taking the P**S

Anyone not seen it then you just have to think what is our club coming to.What am i going on about well simply the latest in a long line of prank videos by the players this one involves Wheelchair you no the guy who is so brittle and injury prone and has to be handled with kid gloves Well he is filmed climbing into a tumble dryer(kids do not copy please)closing it and then flinging door open and shouting at Declan Rice to make him jump oh funny ha ha now how childish and pathetic can these players be and if he can so nimbly climb in and out of a tumble dryer i expect Moyes to give him the hairdryer treatment and put the Prick through a punishing schedule of fitness training as he can clearly do more than he says.

He's always injured then!the tumbledryer prank...make you right HG it is pathetic

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Ive seen it and its pathetic....You would think the clown would keep a low profile! Arrogant tw**!

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The clubs social media team are a disgrace - why they feel the incessant need to upload all these videos whilst the club are underperforming is beyond me. Just goes to show how seriously the players and staff take their responsibility to the fans and the club and with the wages they are on and the ticket prices they charge they are laughing their way to the bank

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