The title is ours

ok, ok, I'm getting just a little too far ahead of myself...

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You know come to think of it maybe it's better we had that horrendous start , although no one thought so at the time ,it's only now when you see the full extent of a team that has finally gelled that makes us West Ham ,the best club and the best supporters in the world

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Burkie 1

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Well we've certainly been playing like a top 4 side lately bring em all on in this form,seaguls Friday night time for revenge.

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We only won because manure let us and besides all our goals should not of counted according to the special one.....the win had nothing to do with the crisp passing and movement of our players...nope it was down to manure imploding it had nothing and I mean nothing to do with us so move on now nothing to see here:-)

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