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so its been decided to close the transfer window in England before the season starts...i think this can only be good for the game and players but only if the rest of Europes big leagues follow suit..Rumours are Italy are looking at doing the same thing....but i would go one step further and make the summer transfer window the only january window for the top division clubs..this would then force clubs to utilise the youth at there clubs if an injury crisis arises instead of overlooking there own academies and just buying ready made players short term....this would benefit clubs academies greatly IMO and maybe open the eyes of club owners that you don't have to spend silly money to find players

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I like the idea of having one window... will it force clubs to play youth though? I'm not sure... I think it will just change the way the clubs do business. One positive would be the speed of sales meaning less dragging things out over weeks upon weeks and holding buying clubs to ransom like we may or may not have been held to with the Carvalho commotion. How about Leicester eh? Signing a £22m player they cant use until Jan? Crazy...

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back to the old days. no windows. good stuff. you need a striker tomorrow you buy one.

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not for me. one window and a contract is a contract. would be nice.

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