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Everybody got their Official merchandise catalogue with all the West Hamam clothes, Big Business Gold Sullivan Brady and Co. Found out why the team looked so unfit they were too busy poncing themselves up to model their new hats and jackets. So when they got out on the pitch all they had to do was Strike the pose for the supporters. Sod running around playing football we are all film stars. Let's hope Moyes can bring them back to reality.

All the time mate,this board want us to buy any old fu*king toot with a bit of claret & blue on it they can sell to us...
A message to them - supporting westham has never been about gimmicks,so stick to selling porno gear to your friends!!

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Agree dave,makes ya laugh when we get emails straight after a thrashing,it's all tacky shite anyway,and I wouldn't buy anything with that new crest on it anyway, just don't feel connected to it to be honest,simple cross hammers only for me now,a long with me old retro moore shirts.

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It started with that crest - London FFS!!Westham coffee,popcorn,etc...we are on the same wavelength mate the only shirt i wear now is me retro shirt with the proper badge & no 6 on the back!!

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i am now being blackmailed by the postman who has threatened to expose me as a west ham supporter to all the people in the area...he backed down though when he realised that to support such a club you have to be insane!

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