We've been well and truly goossed

Are we in part to blame ?i mean how come we never saw it comming, was there some sort of vote at supporter level ?i sure as hell dont remember one ,but there again im not a "supporter" and i wouldnt expect one ,was there any opposition at all to the move or was it done on the sly ,i really and truly feel that if we had the slightet inkling that it was going to go tits up there would have been riots in Green st what do they say about spilt milk ?one of the banners on Saturday summed it up nicley ,

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Yes we were sold a dream and we got now a bloody nightmare ,and we are stuck with it unless we can buy the stadium and get rid of the track etc ,i saw someware wot the ruski’s have done with one of there athletic stadiums ,and as for that retractable seating a load of crap.

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Did have a poll & myself & loads of people i know all voted against the move,but apparently it was 85% in favour...i still fully believe it was rigged!

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I thought the poll was something like 52% in favour

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sounds convenient.

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14th May 2013 on whufc .com...i tried to post the link but wont come up

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Id rather believe Vlad Putin was elected fairly

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Burkie 1

Everything he needs to know!!

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Uncomfortable at first but with a caring and patient lover my god it opens more than horizons.

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We've been well and truly plucked over burkie

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