What a game, it can be done

Well I've been lucky enough to go to about 7 home games this season and only seen them win once ( 2nd leg of the Europa against Domžale ), I've watched some shite ( City twice ) and some of the game reminded me of the Grant days of playing shite...

    Watching that game last night just proves even with key players out that we CAN play good football for 90 mins, I give credit where credit due the Spuds are a team on form, and IMHO I thought we were going to get another hiding. Right from the first blow of the whistle you could tell the players were up for it. I'm so pleased for the team AND Bilic for putting a damn good shift in it makes me wonder WHY we can't get away with it with the so called lower team that we find hard work with.??. One last thing after Lanzini scored why was he booked, I didn't see his shirt come off ?......I'd love another 6 points now to finish the season off.............COYI's..
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its been a difficult season Bonzo, being at the Bowl of Misery and turned over too often it has been difficult but.... How many other clubs faced the injury issues, The Payet Issue, The LS issues etc etc. On the face of it we have done ok and as always, theres always next season.. KTF and COYI's!!!!!!!!!!!!

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