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Well we have a dilemma now don't we. Surprise surprise, Sullivan is sitting on his hands whilst an already unbalanced team have now lost to injury our most creative midfielder. What exactly does it take for this man to delve into his pocket and give us the players he promised? Probably waiting to sell some of our players. So here's my question. Carroll ayew and sakho have all had bids go in for them and I feel most of us will agree they want them gone but here's the problem, most of the clubs interested are our rivals! Ayew to Swansea? Sakho to palace Newcastle or west brom? Would anyone risk selling them to our rivals? I certainly wouldn't as they are ALL capable of scoring the goals to keep a team up! So what would you do sell them to a rival or not?

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sell them. everyone says they are crap so whats the worry?

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All except Carroll you wouldnt get three sheets of galvanize for him

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Burkie 1

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is a strange one....he clearly does not want to be here rennes have bid £10million(thats whats reported) so why keep him thats double what we paid....as for the others like DITM said nobody rates them so why worry

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Rate them or not they all have the ability to find the back of the net even when playing badly! Brom, the toon and Swansea ATM can find the net! So rate them or not it's likely to bite us in the arse. As for the sakho deal, I have to agree they don't want him and he will go for free in summer so why push our luck on that one?

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