why worry?

so we lost again but why worry its what west ham do,supporting this club has never been about winning and consistency its like a relationship you have good times and bad times but you have to stick with it to try and make it work.
I dearly want us to be riding high in the league and winning the odd trophy but the reality is we are a long way from that right now.what happened last year was a freaky and now this year we have our west ham back frustrating the hell out of us supporters who know they are capable of so much more but hasn't that nearly always been the case.so whatever this season holds I have belief we can and will get better but also realise a lot has to change this summer.when that arrives we will all no doubt be worrying about the big clubs tapping up lanzini and although not having the best game yesterday Antonio as well but that's for the summer for now I hope we should all take a deep breath and recharge our batteries ready for the Hull game that has become very very big now.COYI

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I shall crown you RoyWalker HG.
But crack on, every view is valid (ish)

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Not many people seem to realise this but we are currently in a relegation battle and I for one wouldnt be shocked if we went down....

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Spot on. Currently 6 points seperate us and swansea. If we lose
To hull then they will have the same gap. Thats only 2 games and currently we dont look like winning. Can swansea and hull pick up 7 more points than us over
The rest of the season? Yes quite possibly. Unless we start winning some matches then we are on the slippery slope to the championship

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yes and if we beat hull…...

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The problem is can you see us beating Hull? Because in our current state I cant. They have more pace in there team then leicester and Markovic will tear our full backs a new one. Some wholesale changes needed.

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Then thats a step in the right direction as per my post we need to start winning.on recent form im not holding my breath

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