Affordable Tickets!!

Affordable tickets (My arse!!).....
Was just about to book 3 tickets online to the chelski game,& there are a lot available but they are all £60 each!!
Boll*ox am i paying that,its a matter of principle,regardless of how much i want to see my team!!
Im sorry but wasnt we told that their would be affordable tickets for all once we moved to the new place??
Yes i get season tickets are very reasonable priced but what about the rest of us who used to go on average 10
games a season due to other commitments??
Jeez im inundated with e-mails to book tickets,fair enough,but make them bloody AFFORDABLE THEN like we were told they would be!!!GRRrr..
Rant over.....

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I think the affordable tickets applies mainly to the cup games... I am in the same boat where I can only make a few games a season. The prices for the Chelsea game I went to were very good and so were the City game tickets, just shame about the result on that one!

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The cup games are the affordable ones...
It just annoys me a bit mate,that there appears to be quite a few empty seats at the prem games recently & maybe they could be filled if the prices were more reasonable...

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How much do you want to pay to watch West Ham play the champions elect? Just out of interest

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IMO would be £40 tops for adults & £30 for under 21s regardless of the opposition,though i would have maybe payed £60 for my ticket if the 2 under 21s tickets were not 60 quid also!!

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Fair point about the kids. I can see it being £60 though for Chelsea. This e games were always expensive at the old place. The problem is that they probably don't need to fire sale tickets as much so they've ditched the kids for a quid mentality?

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i am also in the same boat. Can only attend a few a season.

I will begrudgingly pay £60 for me but not for my 9 year old. Should be £30 max for a child under 16.

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Are the ones in the stratosphere. The others are more expensive or similarly priced.

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I paid more @ UP for cat 1 games.
I upgraded 2 friends for the Chelsea game as my children couldn't go and it was £25. Staggeringly good value.
Long live Queen Brady.

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Of the privileged few then!!

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