whats that coming over the hill

is it a monster well no its worse it is our nemesis Romelu Lukaku:-( now how does a man as big and powerful as him manage to stay fit and strong because he needs to tell Carroll who is ruled out yet again.Well I will be taking my nephew to his first game fingers and toes crossed mr Lukaku has an off day!

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i hate betting on the opposition but hes nailed on for a goal :o(

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Lukaku will score 6. expect it…then we may all be pleasantly surprised when he scores just 5.

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Yep ,damage limitation

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Burkie 1

Last 9 games hes scored in every one against us!!How do we stop him?i suggest his pre-match meal,anyone for lasagne!!

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who is going to stop him? Randolph?

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Dicksy could always crock him in the tunnel!

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Nevertheless, Lukaku did not make us goals. Powerful hammers

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