Happy Birthday Mr Nixon!

Many happy returns Nev, I have slipped of the org radar in recent times but still appreciate all the work you have done with this site over many years. It has allowed me to hook up with fellow Hammers at games and out of that I have forged some good friendships. Keep up the good work and have a cracking day “old boy”

Happy Birthday Nev!!

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best wishes nev.

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The work you do enables orgers like me all over the globe talk to fans of our favourite club to keep in touch with fans over there and it is very much appreciated. This site is a credit to your tireless work and it shows in the diverse nationalities that post on here so may you have many more birthdays mate, cheers.

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And many happy returns.

And Aycliffe -- A blast from the past! -- so good to hear from you too.

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All well down under I trust?

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Judging from his twitter account they are firm and suitably aired.

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thanks all, much appreciated, could do with a win as a belated birthday present

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Hope you had a good day mate and all the best to you!

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Many more of them chief xx

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