A Distinct Whiff Of Sky In Antonio 'Story' And Agent Of Course

So Big Mich Antonio wants to leave West Ham United? On the face of it who could blame him, the board 'apparently' don't want to offer him a deal that would see the incredibly versatile player, signed from Nottingham Forest for what now appears to be a snip at £8 Million, achieve parity with recent signings Fonte from Southampton and Snodgrass from Hull. How much of this has come from the player as opposed to from his agent is a matter of some conjecture, but surely with clubs like Chelsea sniffing around in the wings it would be entirely sensible to make Antonio's current four deal a little more lucrative or incentivised wouldn't it?
Or do you look at the source of the story? Only a couple of days ago the media was awash with Antonio's "we need three more players to take us to the next level" statement, so why has he suddenly decided to up sticks? Could the source of this story possibly be from those bastions of honesty Sky Sports? After all they and the Times are both Murdoch owned, and as we all know Murdoch media outlets have traditionally never let the truth get in the way of a good story, especially given the recent HMRC investigation that has focused on West Ham. Don't forget, if Antonio gets a £10,000 per week pay rise his agent gets another two grand a week in his sky rocket, of course before tax! - Ed



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Start stirring and dropping hints to worry owners and yes its all about getting better deals for there clients but players need to take a long hard look at themselves and there careers because if its all about money then fine go for it but don't start moaning when you are not playing....and that is what would happen to Antonio if he joined chelski...but speculation you cannot stop so if chelski were to follow up with a firm enquiry I suggest we counter there offer and ask for loftus-cheek/batman/begovic in return on top of a £20million fee...I think we know what the answer would be:-)

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Interesting that the club have come out and said he's not for sale. But nothing in public from Slav. Just goes to show the owners are running the show 100% and Super Slav is just their puppet. If asked about Antonio after today's game I bet he says he only wants to talk about the game. He may add Antonio is a West Ham player and that is it. I'm more than fed up with SUGO antics now. Give Antonio a sensible wage in line with the high earners Fonte and Snod.

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Boogers, of course the owners are running the club. That's why they are called owners! Think it says more about Slav that he hasn't come out and said anything, Than it does the owners! I'm like you fed up with the owners but they haven't done anything wrong on saying what they did (for once) yes we should pay Antonio what he is worth tho. Slav probably doesn't care if ant goes as he didn't want him in the first place and was forced to play him after injury crisis.

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with stories like this is the referral to his current 5 year contract and if he is not happy with what is reportedly offered as in £70grand a week then he can stay on his £35grand if that's true and he read it I am sure it would not go down to well like it or not all a 5 year contract means is the club can demand a higher transfer fee I so heres to a summer of flim flan from the owners and reports of players we just missed out on etc think i'll pack my bags and go to gambia to try and avoid it this summer.

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be unhappy on 35k a week in his first year of top flight football, most of the country would he happy on 35k a year

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