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Adrian, pulled of some great saves and seemed to inspire his backs.- 7
Fonte, getting better and more confident-
Collins, the old man in defence is like a fine wine, getting better with age- 8
Reid, the rock at the back, forming a great trio in defence and not scared to go in hard-8.
Byram, still finding his ground but improving- 6
Cresswell, still not back to his best but on his way, capable of that great pass-7.
Noble, treads a fine wire with some of his passes and tackles can be a worry but you can't fault his passion- 7
Kouyate, makes the opposition work hard and is strong in all aspects in midfield, worked hard-7
Ayew, had a good game and created some good chances but needs to bury them,-7.
Callers, his best game so far, like Ayew he needs to learn how to score but I think once he does he could kick on, was all over the field creating havoc for spurs defence- 8
Lanzini, man of the match performance from our most improved player this year, has jumped at the chance to be the main man after that prick left us and showed how much the Hammers means to him after he scored with the crossed hammers sign. Hope none of the big clubs noticed.-9
Snodgrass and Fletcher coming on late worked hard to finish the game and for me the best win this year. And finally
Bilic-10. His team selection, tactics and subs where perfect. It's taken a long time but to change to a 3 man defence with wing backs was inspiring and the boys have not let him down with clean sheet a plenty. No doubt others will have different ratings but that's why this is a fantastic site, no one is afraid to put there thoughts down for discussion.

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off the charts for everyone and Bilic. We DESTROYED spurs…the season has been a magnificent success…..still celebrating……We DESTROYED Spurs….their title dreams…DESTROYED.

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Adrian 10
Byram 10
Cresswell 10
Fonte 10
Reid 10
Ginger pele 10
Noble 10
Kouyate 10
Lanzini 10
Ayew 10
Calleri 10

Fernandes 9
Snodgrass 9

Bilic 9

Crowd 20

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just seen the ratings on The Mail, Kouyate got the lowest, I thought he was second only to Manny, was outstanding in tackles and work rate, just makes you think what bloody game the journo's watch!

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Half of em watch the highlights show and score based on that

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