Is Sunday a sell out ?

Just wondering would Sunday v Liverpool be a complete sell out ?have to come over this w e. And would love to pay a visit to the new stadium ,can you just turn up at the turnstyles anymore or would i want to ring the club and book a ticket if so where is a good place to view ?,the old mincers arnt what they used to be

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Sorry Burkie, but you don't stand a snowball's chance of just turning up for a ticket. Some will be available via the official ticket exchange but they will be pricey! There are also a selection of 'geezers' who seem to have a lot of season tickets that they 'rent' to you until you are in the stadium

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Ive been trying all week on the ticket exchange,& nothings coming up spare!!
I suppose being the last home game of the season tickets will be hard to come by,but i bet come sunday we will
be able to see lots of empty seats on the telly!!

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I was lucky (if thats the right word) enough to buy two season tickets and today will renew for next season. This season the "spare" mainly intended for my son but he works most Saturdays, was used for every game mainly with relatives and friends being particularly popular as its our first season in the LS. Next season will be different and I am willing to share to any fans / Org goers when its available... keep you posted.

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