Bunch Of Crocks Or Modern Day Footballers?

The following West Ham United players have all had or will be having operations in order to prepare them for next season, and we ask if it is only Hammer's players who sustain such numerous injuries or if it is the status quo for all Barclays Premier League teams given the fast and furious nature of the globally viewed league? Angelo Ogbona and Pedro Obiang had their operations early once Fonte and Snodgrass arrived at the London Stadium during the transfer window. Cheikhou Kouyate underwent an operation on his wrist on Tuesday, he will be in a cast for eight weeks, Michail Antonio has also had surgery and he has started his own rehabilitation period, again working towards next season.
Next up we have the perennial 'sick notes', Stijn Vandenbroucke Head of Medical and Sports Science must dread hearing their names or at least trying to put a positive spin on what is an awful situation. "Diafra Sakho has had a setback with his lower back and we took the decision not to take any risks this season, so he too is working towards next season, finally, Andy Carroll is continuing with his rehabilitation after suffering a significant adductor strain," 'qu'elle surprise!
Gokan Toure didn't seem to want to be outdone in the injury stakes and has managed bugger all for the club!
All in all a pretty miserable set of circumstances for Slaven Billic to deal with, and that excludes the Stadium move and the 'snake' in the grass that was Payet. If the summer's recruitment had gone to plan Billic would have been able to rotate his squad more efficiently and possibly some of the injuries sustained could have been avoided, this seems far more plausible than blaming the training techniques or facilities being employed. Casting a gaze at other clubs it seems they are more willing to give 'youth' a chance, and consequently are able to 'cover' positions in order to avoid players becoming burn out. With a plethora of young fringe players available for next season including Quina. Martinez, Samuelson, Burke, Oxford, Rice and Cullen, surely it is time to take a punt because let's face it those youngsters could hardly have done much worse than their senior counter parts could they? They might also have been able to 'soak up' the 5 or so yards of the extra length that the London Stadium pitch has compared with the Boleyn Ground. - Ed



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or Gonk as we like to call him... cant believe we don't have a youngster that's better than this muppet.

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Surely one way to address all of the gaping holes West Ham have is to bring along some of the youngsters. Quina may still be a bit too green (though a chance now and again would suit his development). Martinez and Samuelsen should be ready for a trial-run in the first team; they should be allowed plenty of exposure in preseason. The two Reeces (Reeces Pieces?), Burke and Oxford, are ready now, though we will still have better quality in the first team. But they have to get some playing time, otherwise what's the point? For me, Cullen represents a potentially greater prospect than Rice -- but the point is, we should be getting at least some depth out of these signings, especially when the transfer market is as tough as it is.

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one young player per game even if it is only 45 mins.

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The championship is now over does this mean that all the players can play for west ham if it does then as you say I'd love to see Oxford And Martinez play in the last game of the season against Burnley. Billic wont get a better chance to play some of the youth that we have, and I hate to point out that Ginge, Noble Font cant last forever and our main strikers have been injured give the young guns a bit of experience. u no it makes cents. COYI

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Noble and Kouyate out for the last 2 games So Nordviet should come in and maybe Snodgrass...

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Oh Jasus

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