Scrapping the barrell!

Anyone else getting the e-mails about bidding for our players shirts?? i get so many e-mails from the club trying to get me to buy some sh*t or other,but this is really scrapping the barrell imo....
They now want us to bid for Lanzinis goal scoring shirt against the spuds,jeez these clowns are turning our club into a joke!!

Just checked & there is only one P in scraping & one L in barrel!!!!
P.S - You can also bid for our players training kit,nice!! if you like that sort of thing...

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Yeah scrap the barrell, fed up with rolling it out....................

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There comes a time for all people including the Daves and Lady Brady to show some self esteem and dignity. Okay they're not oil sheik rich but come on!

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Its elevating sperms to another level ,"we beat spurs aren't we fantastic ",agree with you 65 ,its a wonder they never sold 6" square pieces of the pitch at uppers .
I'll bid on the tosh they bought in ,I'll start with 3 sheets of galvanize

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Burkie 1

You can now buy a block of the pitch of the boleyn-50 quid & its yours mate!!
"you couldnt make it up!!" oh yes you can at westham....

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Agree Burkie...
Im not trying to take away the great victory over the spuds,we messed up their title challenge,& more importantly imo the night showed that the london stadium can produce the atmosphere of the boleyn on special nights..that aside why diminish the occasion by auctioning lanzinis shirt!! No wonder the spud fans keep telling us that the match against them "is our cup final"....

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