The Academy... really?

I was rather surprised by the lack of, well any, Hammers in the England under 20 and 21 squads. so where are they and in particular Reece Oxford wanted apparently by all the top clubs??? If the strategy is only to Buy (home and abroad) and not develop then so be it......... if it works.

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that it was strange none of our young players were picked which leads to the question are they really that good or is there development being stunted by the quality of our coaching

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Or maybe it's because the clubs holds our youngsters back, regardless.

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And now I see Reece Oxford is off to Munchengladbach. Are we really that flush at the back/midfield that we can afford to loan him out for another season? Alternatively if he is not yet "good enough" to make our starting eleven is he going to do anything more than warm the bench over there?

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Maybe Oxford isn't the real deal? Certainly not just us not playing him. Germany could do him a power of good. He might come of age in a completely different environment

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Hope you are right!

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Well a few things ive read say we've been given some playing time guarantees and alot of sources in germany saying hes a direct replacement for that chelsea player. The kid is only 18! Hes clearly got huge potential. Seems like hes older because he made his debut at 16. Also did Oxford and Dan Kemp not play for the england youth teams quite recently? Josh Cullen is an irish youth international. Personally I dont think youth caps mean much anyway. Half the england squad dont have any.

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good points Fred but if Oxford is so good than surely at 18 he would make at the very least the under 20's?

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England youth rarely fast track past there age group if anything its the opposite and we have players over the age playing in the younger agees. Oxford was called up to england u19s this months. Kemp was in the england u20 squad. In fact pxford and trott are playing in the u19 euros in july.

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if he's no good maybe we should hype him up again (G&S are good at this sort of thing) and then flog him to chelsea for 20 mill.

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