so we rent the stadium for £2.5million a season..great deal and when you now see between august and september we are on the tv against manure/spuds/huddersfield that works out at £3.6million so the rents paid for with a tidy sum on top by the time 5 matches have gone by..the board will be very pleased with this as they are just raking in the cash with currently little to know outlay what so ever...of course having to wait until we play swansea at home for a traditional 3pm kick off at the end of september will not worry the board but for those of you who have worked and fork out for a season ticket trying to see our beloved west ham it has to be a pain in the backside when fixtures keep getting moved about and possibly preventing you from using said ticket.

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if you stay in the prem you get at least 5 live matches guaranteed so the business heads at the club were happy in the knowledge that sky pay for the stadium

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Got my ST. I holiday in the holidays and am looking forward to attending 90% of matches.

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