Giroud and Walcott

Both these players say they want to stay in North London and fight for there place BUT Arsenal are shelling out 45 mill on Laccazette 50 on Lemar another 50 on Van Dijk so its obvious that the supporters are going to want to see their new signings so unless they are really unlucky with injuries and it does happen (look at Ayew) Walcott and Giroud are not even gonna get a game. Both of them want to play for their country, and I dont think Its going to be at Arsenal. So when these 2 see that they aint gonna get the chance to play for their country and it gets to the end of August and they still aint played, that when the frustration will creep in and these 2 will become available for 55mill Arsenal don't need them and Wenger will be looking to recoup some of their money back for Lemar and Co. Its a dodgy tatic Giroud and Walcott have both said they want to stay in London, kids about to start school if we got them then I'd say that was a good bit of Business but very risky. Will Giroud go to Everton at that stage of the window, and if they pay out for Siggusson I think they will be all spun out as they have really spent a shed load of doe this season, I think it it will all go down to the last day of the transfer window and it will be all about holding our nerve

so basically you want two players that don't want to play for us?

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everton want benteke. so giroud wont,be going there imo.

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Being outspent by nearly all Prem Clubs I'm not sure what to think, hold on, Steve Bull is still playing for Salisbury, do you think there may be a chance?

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First thing I thought. What are we, some sort of second hand junk shop where players turn up after no-one else wants them? Tell you what Giroud and little Theo, why don't you both stay in North London.

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Exactly, I'll even get them some sandpaper pants to polish the bench with!

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players dont want to come thats there choice no problem...but instead of hanging about wondering maybe we can do something before the window shuts to change there minds we need to go ahead with other so called targets and get them in now and settled because we do start with 3 away games....manure lukaku and all could it get any harder? then saints and geordies we need points from those games and if we are going to rely on those two injury hit strikers of ours we will be in big trouble early doors and in all honesty does anyone expect them both to make 3 games in a row?

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this is going to be a long hard season ahead if we don't get the recruitment right and the longer this drags on the more I worry that we will panic buy and pay way over the odds as per ayew last season.

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Yes I think it would be great to have 2 forwards that are used to playing with each other, as for junk shop we bought some real bargains over the last season Calleri, Za za, Gogan Torre, Arbeloa dont know about junk shop, think they are more Gum tree and we got stuck with them for the whole season and their wage bills. Talking of wage bills God knows why we want Hart when we have 2 good goalkeepers all ready do we really need to pay £150,000 a week to someone we can really do without, I'd sooner pay that to Giroud and walcott or other positions dont think we need another goalkeeper.

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I think it obvious by now the Driscol brothers have a spending cap or limit ,they seem to be constantly looking for that special transfer Lanzini ,Payet and the likes .
The premier league seems to be two different divisions these days
The top six or so with the exemption of Leicester appear to be unreachable, the reason ? Obviously they have limitless funds to buy any player they want ,it would also appear clubs with a spending cap of say 25 -30 million can look forward to a constant battle to avoid relegation and maybe qualify for the UEFA cup and do well in our two domestic cups ,

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Burkie 1

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do we really bother with either of them:)

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