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sep 30th a special day for west ham this season..whys that you ask? well it is one of only 3 yes 3 games we will play at home that will be the traditional 3pm kick off before the turn of the year thats just crazy to me...its the price you pay for selling your "product" to the tv companies...younger fans its not a big deal but to me it just takes a bit from the whole saturday tradition for me...and how long before the overseas fixture becomes reality? 5 years 10? its coming mark my words it will happen because the premier leagues the most watched league in the world and money talks.

You know its going to happen,a european super league...at least we may have a chance of the prem without the top 6!!

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the champions league is really a european super league and its quite tedious until the knockout stages and they are trying to work out ways of streamlining it to make it more attractive...and why would the prem give it the nod they have the best product out there....money men who may think a euro super league would bring in untold millions would find it is doomed to failure for the simple reason those clubs who are foolish enough to go for it will lose fans....beating a local rival or a team that for some reason you dislike holds far more weight with fans across the world than playing teams from other countries in an exclusive elite league....would there be promotion? relegation how would that work? once you have left your home countries F.A. who would take you back? clubs that have stepped up to fill the void certainly would not....deemed not glamorous enough for the super league why cut your noses off and take the judas clubs back.

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the champs league is absolute rubbish imo. i don't even watch the knock outs unless its arsenal v bayern and i want to see 10 goals go past wenger. i used to like the 3 cup formation, the uefa, cup winners and champions cup. for me it put the right teams in the right tournaments. winning the fa cup used to be an entry into the cup winners cup, a tournament that had value for smaller clubs. now we have this absolute rubbishness of a europa league full of weak european teams and a a few giant clubs that need something when they tumble out of the champs league early on. getting rid of uefa and cup winners simply put more places to the 'big clubs' in europe and took away chances of smaller ones. the modern game has also ruined the legendary managers like clough. we won't see the likes of him again, rare that they were back then they are now extinct because how can you take a club like say Ipswich from the champs up to win the prem league and euro cups? not a chance due to the dominance of money over tactics and team building.

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Talk about sit on the fence! I agree with what you say about things Mac, but think the arrogance of FIFA, eufa and the fa, will eventually prove dicksy right. In my view those 3 bodies are fiddling whist Rome burns! As for European football only time I watch it is every time we play in it! Yes you've guessed it not very often at all!

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But with the domination of the prem by the top 6 for the last few years (apart from leicester of course) i can see some sort of breakaway...maybe the prem will be split into 2?for me that would really put the nail in the coffin...
For me & by the looks of it a few others,im actually not that bothered that a new season is kicking off today,ive never been like this in 50 years of following football...its the money & greed in football that has changed it for me.
Although i have bought tickets for the opener at home v huddersfield,& am looking forward to a few games this season,its possibly make or break for me in terms of bothering anymore...ill aways be westham,but just havnt got the enthusiasm i used to...

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you are not alone, a good friend of mine who spent a year 'off' football due to an intense relationship split up with his girlfriend and returned to football. However what has happened in the last year with the greed and money has put him off enjoying it anymore, so he is switching allegiance to 'egg chasing'.

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Nev it looks like you are talking about the man I must be sitting next to every Saturday afternoon. Been watching the rugby more and more often over the last few years.

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Couldn't agree more 65, The great big fat greedy football money machine just keeps on rolling on and on. I can't be arsed anymore, we're all mugs, fuck it.

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