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My first time at the London Stadium will be for the Huddersfield game, and I'll be travelling down with some Huddersfield fans. A couple of them are getting the train back up North after the game. They're booked on the 11 o clock from Kings Cross. Will they get back to Kings Cross in time, or will they need to leave early (and avoid their celebrations no doubt) or should they get back in time if they leave at full time?

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They will probably stay to gloat knowing how the season has been panning out.

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Also. Please could you advise me on where to park that's free and fairly nearby by tube. I parked at Upminster before for UP

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I live in the midlands HH, and last year my mate and I travelled to a few tube stations, after a while we decided to stick with Epping, the parking not too bad, some times we've even parked in the street just outside the station. The tube itself is on the central line. Getting to epping by car takes us about 2 3/4 hrs ( 137 mls ) I'll be going next Monday...Just a thought all the games I watched at home last season I only saw them win once, and that was the 2nd leg of that eurpo match. My mate calls me Jonah now. the one game I didn't go with him and they win ( Spurs match )......COYI's

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by tube they will need to leave a bit early or run all the way to stratford underground mate then there is a train change as well,methinks leave early or book a premier inn etc

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HH there is no free parking near the ground. I would advise using the John Lewis car park at Westfield, or parking away from Stratford and getting the train in. As for your mates if they are in the away end I believe they have to stay to the end, I may be wrong. Thy usually don't get out till a good 30 mins after the game has finished

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Cheers. Whereabouts would you suggest parking that has good access to Stratford?

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Paris, sorry mate

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Burkie 1

Epping is the furthest out on central line, probably somewhere near there to park

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You could also park in the Romford brewery car park HH, it's open 24hrs and near the station mate...

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brave man mate..we are a total shower of you no what right now

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Stratford International direct to St Pancras. 5 minute walk across the road to Kings X. Train leaving Stratford at 1014 and 1029 will get you there in time although Id advise the earlier if you dont know your way around.

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But free car park in the massive restaurant/ golf range car park across the road from West Ruislip tube. Hour on the Central line straight to Stratford

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