Funny quotes you have heard about anything West Ham

Glad to see the fans sense of humour is still alive and kicking. Read a couple of decent quotes today. "Bilic manages like a 14 year old trying to undo his first birds bra" and " kouyate runs like Forrest Gump and passes like he is wearing callipers". Made me chuckle anyway. Anyone else got any, from past or present?

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Not to win is guttering" - MARK NOBLE

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its not west ham, but the master of gaffs kevin keegan : - 'The Germans only have one player under 22, and he's 23'

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Kouyate, he's like watching a dog chasing a balloon,heard that from one of our fans recently lol

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My daughters partner saying he works with someone related to Brendan Rodgers and had been told before the season starts he's accepted the job to replace Bilic........

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the only way to deal with harry kane and stop him scoring is put him in a claret&blue shirt....

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Just heard someone say "Carroll plays like a pissed giraffe" after the Swansea game.

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Heard a quote from a Hammer a few years back at Anfield in reply to someone who said "Pitch looks great" the reply was "My garden would look great if I had £220m of sh*t running over it every two weeks"!

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"Arrys quote about new portuguese arrival at the time - Hugo Porfirio "i didnt know if to play him or shag him!!"

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