Sulkman Saves It At The Toxic Drome

In over 50 years of watching West Ham United we at the Org have rarely experienced such a toxic atmosphere at a home game. Things didn't start well with the initial team selection, as expected Mark Noble retained his place in the starting line up in a 'groundhog day' Kevin Nolan selection syndrome, in other words a club captain who's legs have gone, record signing 'Elbows' Arnoutovic didn't even make the squad!

Electing to play 4-4-2 was supposed to enable Andy Carroll and Chicarito to play up front together as a little 'n' large strike force, they both ended up playing on the wings! Andre Ayew had an absolute mare and had the crowd on his back from the off. Aaron Cresswell celebrated being called up for the England squad by producing a woeful performance, looking a shadow of his former self.

The midfield was so over run, particularly in the first half that people swear Swansea had TWO extra players on the pitch, such was their dominance in possession, fortunately their attacking force were rubbish, a better team would have severely punished the home team so to end up with three points was something of an unexpected benefit.

Captain Mark Noble ran his heart out until Slaven Billic was forced to take him off and bring on Manu Lanzini, the game instantly changed but not before more profligacy from Ayew whenever he had the ball, he really really was poor, but then again he was not alone in playing poorly as virtually the entire team seemed obsessed with passing backwards. It is probably easier to name those players who weren't awful and they were Zabaleta, Hart, Carroll and Reid, that's it, it was only the late arrival of King Authur and the Sulkman that saved the day, however the substitution of Chicarito was met with massive booing from the home fans and a shake of the head from the striker who had only touched the ball once inside the opposition penalty area in the entire time he was on the pitch.

There needs to be a lot of 'clear blue' thinking done during the International break, something has to change otherwise the London Stadium really will become known as the Toxic Drome! - Ed



I say the best way forward is papering over the cracks and we have the best manager possible to do that. The mans a magician, how can you explain how one man can turn so many decent players into sh1t

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Masuaku is becoming a very important player for us - its clear this guy was a great buy and if he keeps it up, he should be starting. It might mean dropping Cresswell but sadly he has not been anywhere near his former self. My only reservation lies on his defending ability but then most would say cresswell has been poor on that department this season... otherwise he forces Arnautovic out of the squad and I think Arnie given time could come good. We should be playing Masuaku, Reid, Ogbonna, Zabaleta, as our back four with Arnie, Lanzini, Obiang and Antonio in midfield and then Sakho and Chico up front. That should be our home setup, 442, unless playing the top 4... and until we can get a decent holding midfielder/playmaker.

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Bilic lost the dressing room a few weeks ago…now he's lost the stadium. he really is careless.

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It's ok Dicksy apparently he left it on the bus and it's all been handed in safely.......

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Couple of thoughts, are the tactics bilic applies deliberately set to drag a team down to our level then we can beat them on experiance? And it's interesting watching bilic wait (almost daring) for Sullivan to sack him whereas Sullivan won't pay any compo. It's like they are both playing chicken. Is Sullivan willing to destroy the club just out of spite? I think he might be.

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getting what they deserve...we were so poor yesterday it was shameful...yes we won but you wont find one fan crowing about it...we have a number of very good players but since the move away from our true home the clubs gone backwards...players lethargic a manager who seems to lack any plan on a system of play just wings it week in week can a club get it so wrong...all the fans who bought into those bricks have now been told theres a further delay in getting them put down mmm had your money for 2 years and nothing to show for it what a con...come january who decides who we will buy because we will have to specially in midfield...cant be bilic as he wont be around by the summer so why would anyone sign when they wont no who will be managing the team.....and come the summer because of the world cup and us needing a new manager i can hear it now...."its difficult to find the man we want because of the world cup and then recruiting players will be hard to for the same reason we just ask for the fans to be patient"....god its all so depressing

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Well put post, pretty much sums it all up and explains why I'm so annoyed about it all. Why do I give a monkeys anymore? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Yes,there are so many things wrong it may require surgery

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Good news Sullivan has sealed a multi million pound sponsor that should make us compete for champions league football. It's monarch airlines. Great news.alledgedly

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about Matty, other than he was a great footballer, but I agree with him

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agree Ed, terrible atmosphere. I brought along an old mate whose main sport in Athletics, so he obviously knows the stadium, he said the negativity at the game was shocking and that no team cant play in such an environment and only encouragement works in sport. I totally agreed but stressed that it the crowd needs something to cheer and the lethargic slow motion in the first half didn't deserve anything but toxicity!

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I have been saying this for the whole of last season, that he will combine very well with Lanzini in an attacking midfield role. That is how they precisely changed the game when they came on. These two have the ball skills as well. So my choice would be the same back four with Kouyate playing in front of the centre backs. Lanzini and Masuaku in midfield, Arnautovic at left wing, Antonio at right wing, and Chicarito ready to poach a few goals. If Antonio is injured then have a pacey player like Sakho play slightly wider to the right. Carroll will be a great substitute on the 60 minute mark as he can handle the last half hour with a lot more energy rather, than the full 90 minutes.

Now in all fairness I watched Tottenham host Swansea at home and they just could not break them down although they dominated the whole game. However, Swansea should have stolen that match with much better scoring chances than against West Ham. So put that into perspective and give Bilic some credit that under pressure he got the result that mattered. I had taped the game and watched the last fifteen minutes again and again, and to me Masuaku was my MOM, as he provided the two real scoring chances and Carroll was unlucky to hit the bar from one of them. Like I have also been saying, i.e. The Premier League is all about pace, and players like Noble, Obiang, Fernandez, Ayew, Carroll as well as Ogbonna in defence just do not meet that criteria. That is why my team that I suggested will inject that pace and energy to break up the play for the big games against Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool later this year. Bilic if you are reading this article, the advise is for free and you cannot go wrong.

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For ages...he cant defend agreed,but he doesnt have to!!Stick him left mid or left wing,no brainer imo!!

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