So Peter scudamore has had a not so secret meeting with the big 6 in the prem to try and avert a rebellion over money(surprised not!)...manure/citeh/chelski/poo/arse/spuds lol i no they think there big 6! it used to be big four then 5 now 6....anyway they reckon they deserve a bigger slice of the overseas tv money because of there high profile..well 6 teams don't make a league but if they threaten to breakaway and create a euro super league(like the winter break argument this crops up regular)then say fine off you add those six to madrid/barca/ath madrid/b.munich/dortmund/juventus/ac milan/inter milan/roma/psg/monaco/benfica/porto/celtic(lets face it they would try to get in lol)so a 20 team euro super league elite clubs without fear of relegation unless you turn it into two leagues of how boring would that be and these owners seem to forget its the fans who make a club and most would get bored pretty quickly with this kind of format....half empty stadiums or just home support because who earns enough to travel abroad every other Mr scudamore tell these elitist pricks that they can do one anytime they fancy plenty of big clubs to fill the void they would leave.

A breakaway league? It might be exactly what the premiership needs to bring back OUR game to the fans.

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So rich owners who buy who they want is not enough, they want to take money away from the smaller clubs, what so eventually they can put them all out of business. Tell em to eff off.

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Be honest, the Champions League has been a European League by the back door since it's inception and the Premier league is in effect a "breakaway" league as in spite of it's official name being "The FA Premier League", the FA have no real say in it.
I've always been against these European/North Atlantic League proposals that spring up every few years, but I'm starting to think that they might not be a bad thing in the modern era as so many clubs outside of the so called "elite" have and will continue to get themselves into enormous debt trying to hang on to the coat tails of the "big 4/5/6", and if these clubs decide to go it alone, then the game would have to be structured differently all over Europe and perhaps TV money would be distributed more sensibly.
Having said that, I doubt it will happen though.

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