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Congratulations Ireland and in particular Darren Randolph i making the play off Wales 0 Ireland ,1not pretty by an stretch of the imagination but a master class in tactics from O Neil sucked them in then scored one on a goalkeeper error from then on it was written ,clossed up shop

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Disappointed for Wales, seems like another talented player will never showcase his skills on the biggest stage.

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Dont know the stats moor but they must have had 60or 70 % possession they just couldnt muster up the goal chances , although they fought hard other resultds determined one point wasnt going to be enough ,think it might have been a different story had Bale been fit to play and once Joe Allen went off injured
Their threat was diminished ,Ramsey was shit ,one supper save from Darren .
Excellent support ,same as the rugby ,their national anthem would bring tears to a stone

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Burkie 1

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And when you do get a chance,you must take it lol

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its not fair, they have an advantage over the scottish hobbits.

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How about little old Iceland,that's what you call team spirt,much harder group to win than,the England prima donnas had I thought

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How come there can't be no chance of Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland play-off,if there going by 4 seeded out of the 8 teams by fifa rankings,Northern Ireland are the 4th highest ranking out of the 8 teams to play

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