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Ok as I said only followed on the bbc website, so have seen nothing of the game so I'm looking for opinions from people who saw the 90 mins whether it be at the match or on the tele. Couple of positives coming across. Good performances from arnie and Arthur. Sounded like we gave it a real go and didn't buckle easily. Crowd really got behind the team. Ok Rome wasn't built in a day but were there genuine things to build on? Plus do these players have the fight for a long relegation battle or do we genuinely need a few fighters with British based grit in them in midfield? Leaving the thread on a positive, the players all looked very handsome on my Xmas club merchandise catalogue

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yes its improving. i think the main thing is the players look fitter and hence they've got more running in them. its scandalous how obviously slack Bilic must have been with training. was he that thick, to keep changing the formations, systems in order to find a way to win when all the time he couldn't be bothered to do any real training? anyway, the only thing with moyes imo is going forward. we're still set up the same one up front carroll way.

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The atmosphere at the stadium was probably the best it has ever been for an entire match, particularly the second half, one great moment when Hammers were in the ascendency was the massive cheer as Leicester were forced to play the ball back to schmeicel, also when 'elbows' chased back to tackle vardy.
The long walk to hackney wick didn't seem bad at all despite it being bloody freezing!more of the same please

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Weather or football?

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I thought Massa was awful. All that showboating near the corner flag and gets taken like candy from a baby and i lost count how many times he ran the bloody ball out of play. do like his running at defences but needs to know when to pass ifs.
The crowd were awesome and if we can keep that up there's at least a point in every home game...

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Well we managed to play for the full 90mins for a change and even managed to remain in the ascendancy for most of the 2nd half. Lack of quality in the final third did for us though. Too many half to good opportunities squandered with the final ball. That being said, seeing as we seem to be starting our season 12 games later than everyone else we should have a bit more stamina in the final third of the season when it's gets squeaky

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I looked at our next.opponents playing saint today ,my god they.were awful, we thought we wete in trouble having no confidence or self belief ,it looks really bleak for them ,good test wednesday i'd say we'd want to be beating them by at least 2 and looking at our next few games are we ever goin to need tree point's

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