so why not sackho

He's like marmite i no but with chicarito injured carroll total rubbish and one dimensional why not give the guy another go with would make us much more mobile upfront thats for certain.....young martinez is of course worth a chance but not as a lone striker that would be to much at this stage for him....carroll if we got any kind of offer i would snatch there hands off but i do worry when reading this morning that we are after some prolific russian striker named Fyodor Smolov....nope me neither and it smacks to me of yet another sullivan buy...56 goals in three seasons for Krasnodar but you have to think about the gulf in class between the russian and prem back to sackho lets give the guy a chance his movement and pace is what we need if we get the non sulking pre internatinal back injury sak back we will do well.

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managers stick to type imo. they have a style and plan and don't usually change. moyes is moyes. organise, give little away and a big target to aim at up front. this is what i said in another post about us finding someone who's style suits us better. its almost as if we've gone full circle now and are choosing managers based on carroll. allardyce bought him to do exactly that, one up front bulldoze. bilic came in and carroll wasnt available, so we played it along the ground with sakho up front, then carroll comes back and Bilic becomes allardyce thinking the only way is to hoof it to carroll. now moyes has come in and his eyes must have lit up when he knew he's got carroll in the squad. it suits him, its the key cog in his game plan. history repeats itself, we saw him at everton with ferguson, then fellaini. whether he can change his thinking at this late stage in his career, is highly doubtful but for me you can play one up front be it sakho or hernandez if you give him support along the ground, or wide players who can release him behind the defences. but i haven't seen anything of the sort so far in moyes first two games.

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I remember we beat Arsenal with a diamond, Zarate and Sakho up top. Bilic really weakened our squad looking back, let Tomkins go, Fell out with Amalfitano and Zarate

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was always a strange one for me...we all love ginge but his career was winding down where tomkins is young and could play in the centre or the problematic R/B position...guess Bilic just did not fancy him....Zarate had the unpredictable factor about him but his consistency and inability to track back did for him...Amalfitano was/is a talented footballer but if you open your mouth like he did then Bilic had to do what he did to show who was the boss...but all water under the bridge now i just hope Moyes gives sak a chance and i dont mean 3/4 mins from subs bench either

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