Joe Hart Useless

Get him off and get Adrian on where he belongs

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I've never come across a useless on before. Hart's a different level. Getting beaten from the half way line. FFS just go and sit down Joe. We'd be better off with no goal keeper!

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Your wish will be granted against Citeh!

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He's gonna be off for a month with back ache after the dozen balls he'll be picking out the net on Sunday...

England's No.1...

Number one d**khead

Will it get worse before it gets better. Surely it can't get any worse until you look at December fixtures lol

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We'll start a competition as to what excuse we'll use for not turning up on Sunday ,prize ! ,a trial with west ham ,if found guilty you'll have to spend a whole season picking the ball out of the net for Hart ,ive got three ,1,take the wrong turn get on the M4 and turn up up at Swansea ,blame the bus driver and give him a years subscription to specsavers .
2,the bus driver was pissed and got a tug blew into the.balloon 26 times over the permitted amount and was taken directly to Parkhurst .
3,we've all come down with a dose of the 2 bob bits ,like totscum a couple of years ago and every ones got the trots

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Burkie 1

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Apparently Alan McKnightmare is his personal mentor...........

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i rmbr seeing him in the cup against wimbledon away at plough lane i did not sleep for the rest of that season it was that scary

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so we are not taking this game so seriously

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Too slow to react to wellbecks goal,& the prat was lucky to stay on the pitch after racing out of his goal like a headless chicken & fouling one of their players...Adrian oozes confidence compared to hart,no brainer for me

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Hart should be sent packing , Go back to Man city please, Take Ayew , Kouyate, Carroll and Cresswell with you. We have enough losers in the side already.

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I am on hand to herald in the day and to announce its exit.

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