Alfie Mawson

Being touted for us to arrive in January - I think he's a talent and if he came to us he'd be in with a squeak of the England World Cup Squad. Wasted with the sheep shaggers...

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who? lol

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End up with Les dawson...

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True, to be fair the Spuds were after him in the summer. Plus due to our lack of options at CB he'd be good, a London boy too by all counts all be it West.....

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It's well known we want a centre midfielder, Steven nzonzi, apparently he has high wage expectations, Harry arter we have big 7 mill, and now we are looking at some Scottish no one from his valued at 4 mill. Can anyone guess who we are most likely to get? Here's a clue. David Sullivan is looking after transfers.

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I mentioned we were going to buy nzonzi 3/4 years ago if you dont believe me ask DITM he knows how hot i am when it comes to transfer dealings! i'mthefingeronthepulseinthenotypaguy

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you were WAY ahead of the game on this one!

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its worrying though when we're linked to players from bottom of the table sides

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Swansea want 40 mill for Mawson don't think so

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but thats the market. one minute people say we need to sign players, next they moan 'too much'. which is it? do you want players? if so, what difference does it make how much? Bit like liverpool, people moaning its way too much for van dyke, but they wanted him, that was the price, they paid it and now they have him.

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Stick to our original offer i say ,3 sheets og galvanize and a book of butter vouchers

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Burkie 1

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For a player in the worst defence in the PL. Reece Oxford anyone?

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What a good call on that Alfie Mawson boogers,watched him last night v the bin dippers,he shit all over van dyke performance,lol

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