Brave Hart Or Silence Of The Lambs To The Slaughter?

Like it or not Under siege Joe Hart will start for West Ham against the team he began his career with, Shrewsbury Town, in this Sunday's FA Cup 3rd round televised on the Beeb, who are with no doubt hoping for a cup upset. Newly appointed Hammers manager David Moyes has declared his interest in 'winning' the FA Cup but has also honestly added the caveat that"staying in the Premier League" is the above all when it comes to football's configuration as it is perceived by long suffering supporters of the club.

A Host of Hammers 'b' listers will appear along with England's alleged Number one between the sticks Joe Hart, who will be keen to show just how good he really is given that the transfer window is open and that both Manchester City his parent club and West Ham might come to a suitable arrangement on behalf of both parties that allows Hart, who needs first class game time in order to ensure his inclusion in the England squad that goes to the FIFA World cup finals in Russia later this year.

Newcastle United have been rumoured to have shown an interest in taking Hart to St James Park, but Hart's eye watering £120,000 per week basic salary may well be a stumbling block, Manchester City are currently footing around £40,000 per week of his salary at West Ham but any future deal in the loan Window has been indicated that City would seek to gather back ALL of Hart's wages, on this basis Hart will probably remain a Hammer until the end of the season but after that he will definitely be returning from the London Stadium to the Etihad as a classic example of an 'experiment' that went wrong both financially and performance on the pitch wise!

Sunday's match against Shrewsbury Town is a classic 'bananna skin' for David Moyes' West Ham team, fielding a bunch of youngsters could be a recipe for disaster, but unlike when Sam Allardyce played an entire youth team that got thrashed by Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup to 'make a point' about 'playing yout'' and thus virtually destroying the famed West Ham Academy in one fell swoop, David Moyes will comply with the regulation that makes him have to select Hart and he will use of bunch of youth players but he will try to create a blend of a team that could progress into the next round without damaging his more immediate target o which is that of Premier League survival.

The televised match that kicks off at 2pm on Sunday could be a renaissance for the Hammer's academy or it could turn out to be a complete nightmare, but do you know what? It might be exciting, the likes of Toni Martinez and the incredibly hard to spell and pronounce Haksobanovic will feature in a much changed line up, but who knows it might just be their chance to shine away from the sheckles of the money tree that is the Barclays Premier League. - Ed



If Hart really wants the glory of Russia, being England's alleged No.1 and first team football then he has to be prepared to take a cut in greengages...I'm not a fan of salary caps per se, but something has to be done to filter the money down to where its needed most...and we all know it's at grass roots.
To think a fire fighter or paramedic can't get over 30 odd grand a year and a half decent epl player is on 50K+a week really gives me the proverbials. Yes there's TV money, but who's idea was it to splash all of it on the already mega rich pig skin kickers?
The game needs sorting...and sorting fast...

Oh and don't get me started on the referee's. How the complete and utter f**k we haven't got video refs and Omega/Tag Heuer timing games off the refs whistle to annul 'Fergie time' is way beyond me. There's a serious quid to be earned in advertising and these twats haven't seen it yet...

FFS, get me in at Lancaster Gate and I'd ruffle a few of their prissy little feathers...
Just saying, right ! ! !

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a far better keeper than Hart. Regarding this match, Shrewsbury will be up for this big time, BBC taking over the ground it will be like the world cup final for these guys and unless Moyes prepares them for that it wont matter who starts, As for REFS they should have a good look at rugby refs and the system used, it would make a much better game to watch. With the money the PL gets for selling OUR games all around the world every Saturday allowing them to watch it live and us having to wait until MOTFD. There is no reason why they cant let us watch it on free tv. rant over. COYI

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On the beeb,old school ground,plenty of hammers support,potential banana skin....lets hope our players are up for it!!Que sera sera what ever will be will be(we,re going to wemmberlley!!)

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