Sulkman Leaves The Sinking Ship - Sakho Signs For Rennes

Diafra Sakho has finally managed to leave West Ham United by securing a move to Ligue Une club Stade Rennes, the Senagalese hit man completed his second medical for the club on Sunday night ahead of his 5 million euro transfer. Sakho had already completed his first medical early on in the season when he attempted to force through a move by taking himself to Rennes for the medical which was not authorised by West Ham.

Sakho arrived at West Ham, initially on loan from Club Metz in 2014, and made only seventy odd appearances scoring 24 goals, Sakho was blighted with a back problem which was exasperated by his International team Doctor's desire to try and 'manipulate' his back which damn near crippled him! Off the field Sakho did not fare much better, with well publicised spats with his partner which were augmented with the odd high profile car crash and reporters hanging around outside his house waiting for a juicy new story.

Sakho's first games for West Ham were electric, he scored in every one of his first six games breaking a sixty year old record, but that was the zenith of his Hammers career,from then on everything went down hill and he never again attained such heights, instead he became a scowling disenfranchised out of sorts player, his demeanor was further darkened when Slaven Billic replaced Sam Allardyce, suffice to say Billic and Sakho did not get on at all well, in fact from the beginning of Billic's tenure Sakho wanted out and proceeded to do everything possible to make a move happen.

On his day Sakho is a great striker, perhaps he will rediscover his form back in France, but his attitude meant that he had to go from West Ham because he was having a 'toxic' effect on the rest of the squad. Hammers could probably have got nearly twice the fee they agreed with Rennes if they had sold 'Sulkman' to either Newcastle or Crystal Palace, but selling to a fellow relegation threatened team was a no no, the thought of him returning and punishing the club by scoring would have been too much to bare.

Unfortunately the sale of Sakho will do little to help David Moyes' bid to keep West Ham in the Premier League as he was on very low wages compared to the rest of the senior squad which was one of the reasons he wanted to leave in the first place, so his transfer fee and freeing up of his wages will do very little to help, the only positive is that his negativity has left the building! - Ed



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i think it all went down the toilet when Sully broadcast the fact we were out to get a 'top striker'. he then proceeded to bandy the names of Lacazette very close to signing, then it was Bacca who was taking a medical, then it was walcott….and finally it was no one. that left Sakho in a major sulk about not being considered good enough. he himself then acted disgracefully really, throwing his toys out and behaving like a 5 year old but no surprise there. he was unable to get past his ego and knuckle down after that. who's to blame really? id say both parties.

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Havnt we been told hes been injured for ages?the circus rolls on

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hes mentally injured.

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All went downhill after he posed in hammers Merch catalogue in that magic dressing gownd........

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I think he originally got peed off because he was doing well on 30k a week while others were a useless waste of time on 60 - 100k a week.

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That's what I heard red,i think what done it was, carroll was laughing at him saying i wouldn't come out this treatment room ever,and play for 30k a week.

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